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Play Area Shelter at Old Dalby Primary School Melton Mowbray

Old Dalby Primary School
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  • Product

    Motiva Mono

  • Size

    14000mm x 4750mm

  • Colours

    Blue RAL 5010


At Old Dalby Primary School we were excited to provide a Motiva Mono that brought some much needed shelter to a large children’s play area. Coming in at 14000mm x 4750mm and with steelwork in a smart blue (RAL 5010) and opal roofing, it gave exactly the cover they needed.

The Motiva Mono is a curved roof variant in the Motiva range and is an asymmetric monopitch structure. It has one side higher than the other and typically is used adjacent to a building.

We can create structures of virtually any size with a Motiva Mono and whilst we do utilise some cost saving standard sizes, we’ll work with you to determine the best size to cover the area you’re working with.

We have a large range of colours too, meaning your structure can come in a look that suits its surroundings.

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